North Ossetia City of the Dead - Dargavs, Russia

Reaching this mystifying destination requires a three-hour drive, taking you down a dangerous and hidden road befitting a journey to the City of the Dead.

The village of Dargavs, or the City of the Dead, has an ancient cemetery where people that lived in the valley buried their loved ones along with their clothes and belongings. The valley stretches for 17 kilometers, and the cemetery contains almost 100 ancient stone crypts. 

Ossetians say that the cemetery helps them understand of how people lived 400 years ago. Archeologists, also, are very interested in exploring the site more completely, as there have been interesting items found that have attracted some scientific attention. 

It is a very mysterious place with a lot of myths and legends. It was once believed that if anyone tried to get to the city they would never emerge alive. 

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Another owl, a Pygmy owl, which is the smallest of the European owls, buries itself in the snow in Oulu, Finland. The Pygmy owl was perching high in a pine tree before flying back to play in the snow.

Mr Peltomaki added: “The Pygmy owl was looking down intensively for about 30 seconds - obviously it heard a vole under the snow - then it very quickly dived in to the deep soft snow, very close to me. First its head was under the snow when it was looking for vole and it was almost completely covered. The whole hunting sequence lasted 15 seconds and the owl looked very satisfied when it flew off with a vole. I was thrilled to witness and capture this scene on camera.”

Picture: Jari Peltomaki/SOLENT (via Owls by David Tipling and Jari Peltomaki - Telegraph)